We are a team of experts with decade-long experience in Food & Beverage management, from production to distribution and export.
We have selected a dozen of typical Sicilian self seller products, that is with such features, based on the raw materials used, the elaborate recipe and the competitive price, so that we already know the sales potential both on national territory, EU and extra EU as well.
If you are planning to make your own branded products, this is the right place for you!

Contact us for further details.

Here is an example of some of our flagship products:
- Bronte pistachio cream (with and without grain)
- Bronte pistachio crispy biscuits
- Bronte pistachio pesto
- Almond paste biscuits
- Sicilian pesto (cherry tomato pesto)
- extra virgin olive oil (Iblea area)
- others (see section "Products")

Contact us at tabare.ortigia@gmail.com